Read below to learn how to create a template, with some examples. Test Script Template is a reusable formatted document that contains pre-selected information important for creating a usable test script. This document determines how detailed your tests are and what information should be included in each test case. Verify that the Login screen that appears and the “Username” and “Password” fields are visible. However, it does not mean that you need to write your test scripts in Java, which can be difficult to learn. Instead, you can write your test scripts in an easier language like JavaScript or Ruby .

It’s always possible to simplify your script by doing less validationbut that’s a cop out. If you already have a test script running, not checking a few more parts of the interface under test is a shame. But the more you validate, the bigger your script gets and the more time is needed to maintain it. The test scripts you write will have to conform to the test framework you are using.

Writing Code in a “Real” Programming Language

As a tester, you need to use descriptive names when creating a test script or a test case. This makes it easier to identify and understand the purpose of each test. Also, when you perform testing at a later stage, you don’t get confused.

test script

The JSON Wire Protocol which was responsible for the communication between the browser and the test scripts is no longer a part of Selenium 4. W3C in Selenium 4 is responsible for direct communication between the test scripts and browser driver . It has come up with advanced features like improvised Selenium IDE and Selenium Grid, relative web locators, and W3C compliance of WebDriver APIs. As of writing this blog, the latest version of Selenium 4 was Selenium 4.10. As per the State of Open Source Survey, Selenium is still the go-to framework for automated web browser testing.

Reuse the Test Scripts to Speed up the Software Development

This is part of a larger strategy of comprehensive testing for eliminating bugs and glitches, and for promoting better functionality for software products and services. They offer a greater level of efficiency than manual testing. If not used carefully, though, they can create more trouble than they are worth. Follow best practices to keep your tests clean, quick and maintainable. A test case is a high-level document with instructions on the specific functionality of the software product to be tested.

With several published novels, short stories, poems, blogs, and articles, she continuously explores new ways to express her creativity. If you want to establish a professional connection with this talented author, we encourage you to send a connection request on LinkedIn. Find software errors, bugs, or problems, which developers can fix. This tutorial explores TypeScript method decorators, reusable code similar to Java annotations that lets developers apply logic … Modern cars are loaded with technology, but creating in-vehicle applications isn’t always a cakewalk. Explore different options and develop your chosen manual test case as a proof of concept using various tools.


BrowserStack allows you to seamlessly run your tests on real devices. You can perform manual and automation tests on different browsers and devices. is the software development life cycle’s ‘How to test’ component. Informal test cases are written when the exact input and output are not known. In such times, the actions are performed, and the outcomes are recorded.

  • Create some test scenarios and unleash your best testers to flesh them out.
  • Usually, this method is popular with simple programming languages such as VBScript.
  • Relative locators in Selenium 4 are used to locate the web elements relative to other WebElements on the document .
  • Although, as a tester, you finally need to go beyond record/playback and learn how to code simple scripts.

But we fall into trouble if we begin testing Without proper knowledge about when to use and how to create these. Hope this article has covered every aspect of how to create test scripts together with the test cases and scenarios, and their differences. It is important to understand that one can choose the programming language even if the application is written in Java.

Create Variants for Test Data Container

This will give you a feel for what you fields you will need. You might find one of the fields you’ve chosen isn’t necessary to define what is test script what is being tested. On the other hand, you may realize that some info you want to include doesn’t match the fields you are using.

test script

Automate the simulation part of the test script with the assistance of built-in commands of the testing tool by selecting objects. A set of keywords and values of expected data for every component of the UI that is being tested are used for the validation part of the script. Select a suitable tool for the Keyword/data-driven scripting method. There are 3 main approaches a tester can follow to create a test script. Instead, one can write the test scripts in simple languages like Python or even can write a batch file. A helpful way to decide on the fields you need is to select a just a few at first, and begin writing the script.

Adding some real tasks to Gulp

These kinds of frameworks know how to take a script written according to their specifications load up a user interface, actually simulate the user actions in the interface, and report on the result. A variant of this approach, calleddata-driven testing, is when the same test needs to be repeated numerous times with different data values or different user operations. For example, in an eCommerce system you might want to perform a purchase numerous times, each time selecting a different product, different shipping options, etc, and observe the result of every test. Test Scripts are a line-by-line description of all the actions that are necessary to perform and test on specific user journeys. It lists out each step that should be taken with the expected results. Then testers can easily as systematically test each step on a wide range of devices.

We’ll cover actually running automated Sauce Lab tests in the next article. Once you stop the session, you’ll return to the Manual Tests tab, where you’ll see an entry for each of the previous manual sessions you started. In here you can download any screenshots you took, watch a video of the session, view data logs, and more. This should happen automatically after you verify your email address. We next use the pipe() function to pass that source to another command to do something else with.

What Does Test Script Mean?

This script can be coded in any scripting language with test data and executed to test the application for these functionalities. Once written, a test script can execute many test instances that test a single application function. Since the test scripts are more detailed and extensive than test cases, writing test scripts in a reusable format is an excellent practice to make the tester’s life easier. QA professionals are measured on test coverage our main goal is to test as many important features as possible to reveal as many defects as possible. Automated testing was supposed to help with that by testing more in less time. But most QA teams find that they are able to test only a small fraction of the functionality with their automated testing scripts.